Work Progress

2016 08 24

Drain cover done and cover to Block 3 drain

Block 11 – HR Drain installed and bricks work laying


Welding machine spoil


Block 1 – Continue install floor board at 3rd unit


2016 08 23

Welding on 2nd floor


Floor board install at ground floor


Block 11 – Start concrete on middle drain. HR drain level and fix on left side drain

HR drain delivered to site



2016 08 22

1st batch drain cover done then continue concreting 2nd batch drain cover

Electrician doing 1st floor wire


Block 1 – Welding front and back of 2nd unit

Block 1 – continue install 2nd floor Floor board at 2nd unit


Concrete mixer repaired and send back to site


Block 11- Concrete on left side drain and excavate for middle drain

2016 08 19

Block 1 – Installing 2nd floor Floor board at 2nd unit

Welder welding before floor board install.

Preparing and concrete for drain cover

Electrician installing switch point

Block 11 – Start concreting left side drain


2016 08 18

Block 1 – Continue to finish up wall board on sample unit

Block 3 – Laying bricks for middle drain.

Preparation for doing drain cover

Electrician continue to connect wire

Diesel delivered to site


Start excavating for Block 11 drain

Brc and wall board delivered to site

2016 08 17

Cement board delivered


Painting on hollow steel


Wiring by electrician


2016 08 16

Electrician installing wire at sample unit

Continue installing wall board for sample unit

Hollow steel delivered to site


Block 3 – HR drain level and lay after concrete.

Block 1 – Floor board installation

2016 08 15

Block 3 – Bricks work continue and start concrete middle drain.

Installing wall board at 3rd floor sample unit


2016 08 12

Block 1 – Floor board installation

Block 3 – Bricks laying for left & right side drain

Banker from UoB came to site


Cement Board delivered to site.

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