PUBLIC BANK is also our End-Financier.

Public Bank Logo

We are glad to announce that Public Bank is also our End-Financier and the following describe their loan package.

HL Redraw:

  1. This Redraw facility is applicable for new HL with approved amount of RM100k and above.
  2. Borrowers may repay any amount exceeding the fixed monthly instalment at any time without giving notice to the bank after full disbursement of the loan. The pre-paid amount can be withdrawn with 2 days’ written notice.
  3. Interest rate: BR + 1.00% (Base Rate: 3.65%)
  4. Tenure: 35 years to the age of 70, whichever is earlier.

Those who wish to apply their loans with Public Bank please call the following representatives:

  • Siti Zarina (012-965 3881)
  • David Lee (016-231 1330)
  • Koh Kheng Piow (017-346 4594)
  • Yap Chun Kit (017-203 9663)
  • Er Julian (017-331 0734)
  • Ng Wai Yan (016-518 8236)
  • Tan Wan Qi (019-269 5442)
  • Henry Fong (012-211 9770)
  • Elvis Leow (019-666 7022)
  • Jeaneth Oh (011-1188 9288)
  • Soh Ting Jiin (012-611 6436)
  • Shereen Teoh (017-361 0312)
  • Eric Ong (012-911 3187)

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This blog is created to keep everyone interested in Symphony Park @Cyberjaya informed about any new development on the project. I sincerely would like to thank all who have been very patient and kept up with us. Better things have yet to come.
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