Special Allocation for Government Staff.

Please take note that there’s a special allocation of more than 200 units of Affordable Homes in Symphony Park @Cyberjaya for Government Staff who wish to own one and stay in Cyberjaya.

We’re encouraging staffs in Government Departments that are housed in Cyberjaya like Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam, Jabatan Pendidikan, Jabatan Sumber Manusia, Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negara, Bank Negara etc. to register here for a chance of owning the first and currently the only Affordable Home in Cyberjaya.

Please indicate in the “Comments” section in the Registration which Government Department/Agency you belong to.

Don’t miss the opportunity! Tell your Friends, Relatives & Associates about this. You’ll be doing them a favor.

Thank You.

About Administrator

This blog is created to keep everyone interested in Symphony Park @Cyberjaya informed about any new development on the project. I sincerely would like to thank all who have been very patient and kept up with us. Better things have yet to come.
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12 Responses to Special Allocation for Government Staff.

  1. shah says:

    i am gov staff, just work in gov sector for a year. and of course i cannot apply for gov loan.
    so, in this case, do i entitle for this special allocation?

    – dept of civil aviation, ministry of transport.

  2. samsul says:

    How about petronas staff, this allocation can be entittle or not?

  3. saya says:

    is this project receive government fund?

  4. duan says:

    Admin, pardon me if I’m wrong, but I do think shah want to know if he’s not applicable for government loan, is he entitle to apply for 1 of 200+ allocation available. It might be true 200+ allocation for government staff as per advertised, but what’s the catch? 🙂

    • Administrator says:

      No catch. Affordable Homes or Medium Cost housing is governed by the Ministry of Housing and we have to allocate a portion of housing for Government Staff. Our objective is to sell all, including this portfolio, soonest possible. This is our social responsibility, beneficial to all.

  5. amishah says:

    i’m one of the gov staff… how come i can register under the gov staff quota?

  6. angel says:

    hi.. would like to ask.. how about retired govt staff..? r they eligible..?

  7. Yang Mee Eng says:

    I need to know if MDeC is treated as government agency?

    I went to site visit just now and wondering if its the land infront of indah water?

    • Administrator says:

      Being an MDeC employee does not make you a Government Servant, unfortuntely. Yes the site is diagonally opposite Indah Water.

  8. Nurulshima says:

    Hi, I’m gov staff. Is there any allocation unit for gov staff? I’m very interested to get 1 unit.

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